What Not To Wear On a First Date


What you wear on a date speaks volumes. But, I think we all know that. But, I think we underestimate the overtones or vibes we give off with what we wear.

I personally like a man who dresses well … whether it is a dark blue suit or a jeans and casual shirt. I look to see if his clothes are neat, clean and pressed. I know … this might be over the top. But, how he presents himself says a lot about the care he takes of himself, and in kind, the care he will take of me. If he can’t bother to iron his shirt, does this mean he won’t go out of his way for me when I need it? OK, am I over analyzing his wrinkled shirt? Probably.

I love to wear black and seem to always be in business suits for my dates since many are after work. So, that projects a more professional and formal tone. Sometimes, I will meet someone on a Saturday and I get a chance to look less business like. When I do, I wear more jewelry, usually a more plunging neckline and higher heels.

I also find what you wear can affect your mood and how you interact. One time on a date after a work, my date said to me, “I feel like I am at a job interview.” I felt terrible. It is not what I intended. I guess I had not left my work mode behind and carried it into my date. I am glad he said something because it got me out of my head and I eased up. And, we dated for about 6 months.

I tend to like to look and feel feminine when I go out on a date. Making me feel more girly definitely impacts me being more flirty and usually brings a lightness and fun to the date that I enjoy.

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