Weighing Against The Competition


Do you remember in grade school when our coaches would teach us about our competition? Sometimes we would watch videos, or even go to one of their games… all to do what exactly? Gain an edge.

Recently, one of my girlfriends asked me if I knew what I was up against in the dating world, and honestly I couldn’t give her a solid answer because all I had were assumptions gained from the messages I received from users on the dating websites.

Some examples are as follows:

“I was glad to come across your profile. You seem to be very interesting and different from any other girl...”

“Your profile is very refreshing compared to what I’ve seen…”

“Just thought it was refreshing to see someone as interesting as you on here…”

Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly is on my profile. Well, I have one cropped photo—that’s rather blurry, and a short summary of what I do for work, play, and then what I am looking for. Short, clean, classy, and in my opinion, intriguing. And I am very confident in my profile because I average about 3.5 emails a day on one dating website.

But this begs the question of: what sets my profile apart from all of the other women? Even though I knew I had an edge (from the emails I had received), I needed to know why I had an edge (so that I could keep it that way, of course).

I came up with the idea of seeing exactly what guys see when it comes to online dating in my area. So, I selected a free online dating website and set up an account for a guy in search of a woman around the same age and in the same location as myself.

To see the results of this online dating experiement click here. You might be surprised with the results.

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