Is A Twitter Romance Possible?


Is it possible that two people can fall in love on Twitter?  With social media networking taking up most people’s evenings, online dating may suddenly be on the way out.  Who would have thought that people could meet their future partner’s on a dating site? Now, there is a new wave of flirting and romancing on Twitter. 

So, just how possible is a Twitter romance?

What I like about Twitter is the casual conversation that can quickly start from nothing.  There is no need for any airs and graces, unless you want to do some business.  A small snippet of a flirtiness can blossom into something big.  Just take a look at my friend.  She sent the odd tweet in response to a thirty-something male and he was pleasant enough to respond with some witty repartee.  This continued until she then Instant Messaged him and the conversations really got interesting.  She was pretty hooked in and before long, she left this Twitter man her mobile number so they could text instantly.  And so they did.

She soon discovered that he was a great conversationalist, humorous, family orientated, fit (he cycles) creative and ambitious.  Just one small thing.  He has no picture.  Just a silhouette of a man. Mr Faceless we call him.

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