Trying to date single men can be a minefield


Are you on the search to try and date single men? Love’s an ever expanding minefield right? There are so many things you have to consider and it seems that timing is everything. We’re you asked out the right way, do your schedules conflict, was the suggestion for the first date a sensible one? All of these things come into play whilst dating single men.

So how should you watch out for those mine’s and keep bad surprises and disappointment to a minimum? Have you given enough thought to the kind of guy you’d like to date? Did you really take the time from your last relationship to figure out what was wrong and why it didn’t work to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. Jumping from one relationship straight into another is not going to do you any good. The heart needs time to heal. It’s hard advice, but truthful.

However if you are ready to date single men try going with the flow a little. Allow yourself to be treated, made to feel special and sought after. All women have a certain glow that men will be going nuts over, this alone should help you get around some of those dating mines out there. And if a guy you like wants to go the extra mile for you, where’s the harm in allowing it.

However if you do come across some mines that you don’t think you can compromise on, for example a place you don’t want to go to then make sure you tell the gentlemen in question. The start of dating is a learning experience for both of you. Try to remember he’s not a mind reader so if you don’t like something tell him…he’ll not do it again and you’ll both be in a better place to continue the relationship.

So whilst trying to date single men you must remember to keep an eye out on all those dating mines and avoid them as best you can. Hopefully it will lead to a fantastic loving and lasting relationship which will survive all of life’s little challenges.