Top 7 Singles Tips EVERY Woman Should Know


Do Things You Think are Fun

Do what you enjoy not what you think you should enjoy because you are single. Some singles think they are supposed to embrace the party life now because they are single. If you want to do that, go for it. If you don’t, then don’t. It’s your life to live so live it!

Own a Great Pair of Jeans

You want the kind that will make you strut with confidence. Not strut with haughty “I’m the best thing ever” arrogance – I mean quiet, self-assurance that oozes out of your being. You’ll know the right jeans by the giant smile on your face and how they show off your figure.

Tune Into the Good Men

If you want a relationship, tune your radar to the good ones instead of assuming the men around you are like the last jerk you dated. If all you focus on are the jerks in the world, that’s all you’ll be able to see and will totally miss the good men around you. Throw in a sense of humor since you can’t date successfully without it and dating could become the adventure of a lifetime.

Top 7 Singles Tips to Be Happy at Work

Nothing makes you glow like being fulfilled at work, especially since we spend a lot of our time there. Life circumstances can keep you from making changes when you might like to, though it doesn’t prevent you from making any changes. The positive energy from this Top 7 Singles Tip infuses all areas of your life.

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