Top 6 Ways to Find a Valentine's Day Date


Worried about not having a date for Valentines Day - here's a rescue plan.

Does all the hype about Valentine's Day have you ready for romance? If so, you're going to need a date. Here are some simple strategies to help you find a date for love's biggest day.

1. Stop making excuses. Do these statements sound familiar? "After work slows down, I'll go to a meetup," or "I'll put up a profile after I lose the holiday weight." We tell ourselves these stories because we're afraid of getting hurt. But without risk, there is no reward. And what would be more rewarding than a fabulous Valentine's date?

2. Put the phone down. There are good single people everywhere. The key is to ditch your cell phone long enough to notice them. Plus, tapping away at a keypad is the equivalent of wearing a sign that reads, "I'm unapproachable." So, stash the cell when you're at the grocery store, the coffee shop or the dry cleaners and take a look at who's around you.

3. Make eye contact. Sounds simple, right? Then why is it that when we see an attractive person approaching us, we look away? By not making eye contact, we can miss a potential connection. So next time, get caught looking.

4. Use your tools. Whether you online date, speed date or consult a matchmaker is up to you, just make sure to use your tools. Dating tools not only work, but they're fun. So enjoy the adventure!

5. Smile and say, "Hi." Your best curve is your smile. Use it. Top it off with the most effective pick-up line ever , "Hi," and you'll have a good head start to a date.

6. Talk to Strangers. We know, mama said not to talk to strangers, but how else will you meet the mate of your dreams? As you go about your daily routine, greet the people you meet. A simple, "Good morning," combined with eye contact and a smile will go a long way to getting you a date.

If you need more motivation to find a date why not have a go at Fantasy Dating Game. It's free and might just help give you the motivational push you need.