Top 10 Reasons To Date a Geek

We all have different types of guys who make us go weak in the knees. Many of my friends like to date the “bad guy” who is very sexy and mysterious and will keep them guessing. I go for the nice, cute All American guy next door who will bring flowers, call when he says he will and holds the door for you. I notice a trend among my younger cousins … they love to date the nerdy geek. I actually have a cousin who is one. At 17 he loves opera, architecture, Kafka, politics and knows his way around technology. Nerdy Techy geeks are like the new Renaissance Man! So, there more than 10 reasons to date a geek – according to my cousins anyway. So, you may want to Date A Geek!

Dating A Geek Has Its Advantages

But, not everyone is self-actualized to date them — that is what my geeky friends report to me. Geeks come in all shapes and sizes with a different focus or passion for their interest. I have friends who are obsessed with Star Trek. They wear Star Trek watches, cuff links, ties and have boxes of figures where the boxes have never been opened. Apparently, it is worth more that way!! And, in this season of gift giving, buying something for your geek that suits him and sends the message you love him and care about what he likes (this scores big geek points with your man), I found some great stuff on — what a GREAT site for all things Star Trek.

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