Top Tips For Your First Getaway As A Couple


If you're ready to take a getaway with your man, be prepared with these tips!

Let's say you have been dating someone with whom you have begun to feel comfortable spending extended periods of time. Perhaps you spend whole weekends together and developed your own rhythm and routine that feels easy and sweet to you both. So when you get a wedding invitation out of state or friends invite you both to come on a week's vacation, you're quick to take on this exciting and new step in your relationship.

You could just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Or you can go in a little prepared with some tips I've culled from years of experiences, both phenomenal and veering dangerously close to nightmarish. 3 Essential Tips For Traveling As A Couple

1. Don't Expect a Fairy Tale. There will definitely be romantic times and magical moments with your sweetie, but inevitable things can and will sometimes go wrong. You may drive a long distance before realizing you forgot your ticket. You might get lost, and things get heated when your phone GPS stops working. A disagreement with your host may mean you have to look for somewhere else to stay at the last minute. That's why you have tip number two! 5 Ways Couples Can Recover From A Fight

2. Go With The Flow. If you're used to having a lot of control over your environment and schedule, taking a first real vacation with a lover may be rough when things don't always go according to planned. Learn to let go. Allow yourself to laugh when the GPS leads you a couple miles in the opposite direction. Sleep in and snuggle with your sweetheart in the mornings. Have a bit more wine than you usually do — it's totally acceptable to giggle and frolic around like you're 21 again. Expect that you probably won't get to see every single site and attraction that you carefully surveyed for your list — so enjoy the surprise detours! If You Do These 10 Things You're Headed Toward Lasting Love (Yay!)

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