Tips For Writing A Successful Man's Dating Profile


Are you just as impressive on paper than you are in person?

Some advice and tips for writing a successful dating profile. I happen to think that honesty is a quality which ages well in a relationship. Keep that in the forefront of your mind. Represent your true self. What’s the point of pretending to be someone else? Eventually you will get found out and then you are back to square one. It’s best to reel someone in who likes you for you. I promise, that person exists. Give them a chance to find you.

What would have happened if Brad and Angelina had met online?

What do you want/who are you looking for? Now be honest with yourself, and determine what your goal is with the dating site. Are you looking for marriage, steady date, a lover? Everything about your profile should reflect this goal. Truthfully and honestly, if you start off on the right foot, you are more likely to get where you’re going in one piece. Where to begin...Honesty!

Dating alias aka screen name: This should describe you and your goal. Think of what defines you, what is an outstanding characteristic, a nickname perhaps, and turn it into something that will appeal to the person you are trying to attract. For example, my friends call me Fanci or Pants for short because my name is Nanci and I tend to be, well, fancy. So my screen name is FanciPants. I think it’s playful and shows my level of sophistication, two characteristics I would want in a suitor.

Your smiling face aka photo for the world to gawk at and judge: Yes, that’s what tends to happen before someone knows the three dimensional you. They look at a picture, assume to know everything about you and decide if you are right for them. Admit it, you do the same thing. So, think about the turn offs and turn ons. I think this category requires some dos and don’ts. Here’s my advice. Keep Reading...

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