Thanksgiving sees more US Singles Dating


Singles Warehouse has opened it's US singles dating site, and this thanksgiving its time to connect

It’s finally happened, Singles Warehouse has opened its US Singles Dating site for everyone to join this Thanksgiving. So with the launch we thought we’d look at some great online dating advice to help get you started.

Speak to your Friends

Are you ready to date again? Have you been in a messy relationship and need a little time to heal. Remember we’re all human and people take different amounts of time to be ok. Ask your friends for their opinion – they know you well enough, and they may even have some tips to set you on the right dating track.

What would you write about on your online dating profile?

Writing about ourselves is arguably one of the hardest things we have to do when it comes to online dating. Looking at yourself in that light can be hard but necessary to get people thinking if they might like to date you or not. Make sure you give some personal facts, things you like doing, where you like spending your time, that sort of thing. Try to end your profile with a question that stimulates people to respond to you and watch those messages flood in.

Most good online dating sites will 'vet' your profile so you can get some help along the way.

Profile Picture

This is vital to your online dating experience, make sure you pick a great picture showing off your face, after all people want to get to know you and not a blank page. Don’t go for a full body shot, your face might be too small to be seen. Most sites, including ours, allow you to add more than one picture so you can show your favourite activity or places also.

Why not start a free dating account and practice writing your profile with Your Tango’s Expert Dating Site?

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