Terms of Endearment: Sickening or Sweet?


I just love that expression, a ‘Terms of Endearment’: a word or term used when talking to somebody that you care for. There’s universally common ones, ones that only crop up in certain countries or regions and even unique ones that you can relate to one person. Some folk use them lightly, have a term that they use without even thinking and everybody they meet is their “Darling”, “Honey” or some such.

I’m one of those who somehow ends up with a NEW Term of Endearment for that NEW special person in my life. My Hubby became “Baby” very soon after we met and I couldn’t tell you why that stuck but he uses the same term for me. I don’t think I’ll ever refer to him lovingly in any other way and I have never used that term with anybody else before or since. If I called him “Darling” or “Honey” now, it would be funny. It wouldn’t carry the same meaning and love that OUR Term of Endearment does. Interesting huh? 

Sickeningly Sweet

Ah, I can’t do these ones and I cringe when I hear them. Those made up, cutesy sweet pet names some couples make up for each other. I’m sorry if that’s you and I offend you, but “Fluffy Bunnykins” or “Poochie Face” is not something Hubby or I will ever call each other and if you and your partner use them, I think you should keep them for use at home!

And while we’re on couple names that should only be used at home, those names that refer to body parts, sexual prowess or even sexual preferences – please! With Terms of Endearment like that, we all know far more than we need or want to about your relationship methinks.

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