Stop Playing Hard To Get!

Why It Gets You The Wrong Guy

I’m going to relate playing hard to get with the relationship my dog has with squirrels.  In this scenario, the woman playing hard to get is the squirrel and the man she is playing this game with is my dog.


My canine pal, Porgy, is a little Jack Russell mix and boy does he love chasing squirrels.  He never tires of it, even when the squirrels are far too quick for him, which they usually are.  However, one time last spring, Porgy was able to corner a squirrel by a concrete wall.  Unable to get away, the li’l fellow just froze up and starred at my boy.  Well, Porgy looked at the helpless furry critter, looked back at me, then back at the squirrel, totally perplexed and clueless as to how to proceed.  Not actually wanting to hurt the poor thing, he slowly backed up, and the squirrel, seizing the opportunity, darted by him and up a tree.

Porgy was on the hunt once more! He went right back to chasing the nervous rodent to the tree, jumping up and down at the base of its trunk with excitement, as if he had no idea that he had been so close to the prize and didn’t go after it when he had the opportunity.

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