Social Networking: The New Early Relationship Killer?


The early stages of dating can be rough. Is social networking making it even harder?

While we have rules and guidelines for almost everything in life….we don’t we have rules, etiquette, or a code of conduct attached to using various social networking sites? Facebook and other sites can cause such a headache when used haphazardly. We are in the midst of a full on social networking etiquette epidemic! Here’s one single girl’s social networking issue…

Dear Dating Advice Girl,

I just got out of a relationship and I am now dating a few men, some of which are “friends” of mine on facebook. It’s hard to not notice their facebook page and witness who else they are dating as pics get uploaded, etc. This “in your face” facebook thing kinda sucks! I just would rather not know. I’m writing to you because I just saw pix of the one I REALLY dig, with another woman. (please note, he and I have not made any commitments yet to each other) I am sure there is a better way to deal with FB and dating than I am handling it. It’s all so new to me and my tender heart. Can you offer any advice for handling all the facebook weirdness?

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