Rebound Relationships: They Can Be Good!

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Rebound relationships can be a healthy way to move on and find new love.

Behind the barricaded doors of a study room in our dorm, The Hippie Pre-med Guitarist (HPG) and I were locked in a frenzied embrace. I’m not sure either of us would have predicted that this moment would happen when we each woke up that morning, but it was becoming more and more apparent over the increasing time we’d been spending together that our friendship was becoming more electric.

At that moment, cradled in his arms, I pulled away and breathlessly confessed:

"I may be using you as a rebound from my ex."

I had been in a relationship with a guy from home for almost three years, but we’d been rocky for at least the last six months of it. Our breakup had been imminent for a while before I finally pulled the trigger. But it was crazy to think I could so quickly just jump into another relationship. Wasn’t it?

“You can use me as much as you want,” HPG said with a mischievous grin, before leaning in again to kiss me.

He knew sooner than I did that this was no run-of-the-mill rebound. As much as I still cared for my ex, I had been out of love with him for many months. While I wasn’t sure I was ready for any serious commitment again so soon, HPG wooed me gently and patiently.

Our rebound relationship ended four years later.

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