Q&A With The Authors of "Dumped"


Singles Warehouse is very excited to speak with the authors of one of the most revolutionary books on breaking up.  It’s your prescription for dealing with it, getting over it and moving on.

What Inspired You To Write "Dumped?"

We wanted to write the book that we could not find. When we were working on getting our ‘UMPH’ back, all we found were books written by men – what’s up with that? – or long, sappy, self-indulgent ones designed in putrid pastels that took you to page 156 for the first tip. We wanted to make a fun, sassy, empowering, direct little breakup bible that would be the opposite of all these self-help books we wasted our time reading. A post-breakup guide that would give a girl a much-needed kick in the ass and a laugh when she needed it most from two fabulous women who’d been through it.

Who Is The Target Audience For The Book?

Women…of all ages.


When we were writing DUMPED, we had in mind the woman “who is not 22 any more, and the life she knows is over.” We wanted to make her understand that this new chapter ahead is an OPPORTUNITY…not a tragedy.

But younger women are really responding to this book. Mothers are buying it for their daughters – husbands are buying it for their exes.

Why Did You Choose To Write Your Book In The Style That You Did?

Again, a response to the stuffy books that we found when WE were recovering. We wanted a FUN, sassy, short weekend read…an empowerment bible that will get the women laughing at a time when they need it most.


We’ve touched a nerve with women everywhere with our no no-nonsense and RELATABLE attitude.

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