Do Relationships With Multiple People Work?

Do Relationships With Multiple People Work? [EXPERT]
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If you can't commit to one person, maybe polyamory is right for you.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this totally by accident. But the more I read about the subject, the more interested I became in it. It has been an eye opening experience, so much so that I am starting to feel like I finally found something that makes sense to me.

What is polyamory?

The word polyamory come from the Greek "poly" meaning multiple and the Latin "amor" meaning love, so multiple love. Generally it refers to a broad range of relationships or orientation towards relationship. This goes beyond a monogamous relationship of two people being romantically/sexually exclusive towards each other. How it differs from infidelity is that couples decisions are made openly, ethically and consentually.

I understand that polyamory is a taboo topic, but it is also something that is becoming a growing trend among monogamous couples. They are opening up their relationship and realizing that maybe they were meant to love more than one person. When I wrote the post "Indecisive Lily", I had never heard of polyamory, I did not even know that it existed. I had heard of polygamy but that was it.

In the post I had questioned why it was so wrong to love or care about more then one person. I have always wondered why it was so socially taboo. There are so many great people in this world who can add to the person that you are by having them in your life and loving them.

Why is polyamory a taboo topic?

I think it is because we have all grown up in a society that tells us it is wrong to be in love/sexual/intimate relationships with more then one person, or one of my friends said, "monogamy is an artificial institution, imposed on us by a conservative society." But those in some ways are a little strong words, as much as I may agree with him in most ways. I would rather say that growing up we have always been told that we are meant for just one person and one person is meant for us. For the most part this just is not true, not only as humans do we fall in and out of love all the time, we also change and grow with every new person who enters our lives.

What does polyamory have to do with you?

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