Other ways to meet singles online

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Are you looking to meet singles online - have a think about some of the other options available..

Many people think that the only way to meet singles online is to join an online dating site. In most cases this is true and it’s very important to pick the right dating site for you however have you considered some of the other ways you can meet singles online.

Chat Forums

There are loads of chat forums out there ranging from parent groups to music fan groups. This does not provide the same experience as a dating site but it is another way to meet people. You may have spent a few months conversing with someone on the same subject – seems like you may just have something in common hay.


Online gaming really has grown over the last 5 years. Before it just used to be geeks who would spend their time online playing games but now there is a whole social explosion with online gaming…and more and more single women are playing them.

Facebook & Twitter

Maybe you fancy a friend of a friend or have had an eye on someone for a while? Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter really have changed the way we communicate with potential dates and open up more possibilities that you might at first think. You can flirt over Twitter in nice short messages or spend some time using Facebook to browse pictures and add little flirty tags.

If you are trying the social media route check out our Friends to something more post for some great advice

Remember that dating sites offer a certain level of security when it comes to online dating, but it’s important not to discount other avenues…even if you’ve met someone on a dating site there is no reason you can’t have a good flirt over Twitter and a game or two together…maybe you share more than you think? So, to meet singles online consider all the avenues open to you. We’d still recommend starting on a dating site, but there is no reason not to test the waters in other areas.