The Red Flags Of Online Dating

The Red Flags Of Online Dating [EXPERT]

What warning signs should you look for when seeking dates online?

How many of you have dated someone only for it to not work out? When you analyzed what went wrong with 20/20 vision, did you realize there were red flags from the start but you didn't really see them? Or, did you choose to ignore them? Online Dating: Luck Or Work?

I am guilty of this. Sometimes, you like someone so much and want it to work out so badly that you overlook certain things. But, there inevitably comes the time when those things we overlooked can no longer be ignored. No one is perfect. (although, I like to think I am.) But, my friends keep that perception in check!

We all have our idiosyncrasies. We all have habits that will annoy someone at some point in time. But those are not the red flags I am talking about. I am talking about those characteristics about a person that can indicate someone will cheat.

Is your date a party person who does not want to settle down? Does he or she have too big an ego? Are they someone who is not thoughtful or does not have their priorities straight? Are they passive aggressive, not ambitious or down right violent with a bad temper? Online Dating Safety: 7 Signs He's A Criminal

If you carefully read a profile, you will be surprised by how much you really can tell about someone and yes, there are flags that go up. Personally, if a guy posts a bare chested pic of himself or takes a picture posing his muscles in the bathroom mirror, I usually laugh out loud and move on. This indicates ego and a focus on the exterior vs. interior self. If someone writes, "I work hard and play hard," this means the person is probably a serial dater who wants to have a good time and not settle down.

When I am reading a profile and a person is scolding me before I met them, I think they might have a temper or are intolerant of a person's individuality. For example, I hate the people who say, "I won't write if you don't have a pic." Or, "please, don't email me if you are a conservative – I don't want to deal with stupidity." Or even, the person who advises that they are in town every other month ... this means they are probably cheating on a wife, but have the money to have an apartment out of town.

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