Online Dating: Honesty Is Key To Unlocking Love Online


One story of dating profile dishonesty...and the lessons learned.

“So, I have already seen your pics, describe yourself to me.”


She wanted to know more about me, so I must have intrigued her some.

“Well, I’m about 6’4” and about 225lbs.” I wrote, “And as you can tell by the pics I am not hard on the eyes. I absolutely LUV online poker and I do a lot of writing.”


“Hmm… 6’4”, huh?” she wrote back. “Well, I would definitely love to meet you sometime soon. When are you available?”

This was moving kind of fast. I usually don’t make a habit of meeting people who contacted me while social networking but I decided to set the meeting place at a Starbucks later that week. We continued to message each other, getting to know each other, talking about our jobs, what we enjoy to do, what we look for in relationships and a lot of other things when you are in the “getting to know you” phase.


The day finally came. I drove to the coffee house and was about thirty minutes early. While I waited, I opened my laptop so I could do some work and in another browser I kept her profile minimized so I would be able to recognize her when she walked through the door.

I was getting anxious. I had already been there for an hour and she hadn’t shown up. Finally, my phone rang.


“Hey,” she said “I’m walking through the door now.”

I look towards the door and I looked at the computer at her picture. I looked towards the door again and then back to the picture. I watched her come closer to me and I looked back at the picture. I watched her as she stood over me and I took one last glimpse of the picture. I then went to our messages and looked at her description she told me.


“I’m about 5’3” and about 125lbs….” the description went on and on.

I looked back up at her and said, “Cheryl?


“Yes, it’s me.” Her hand was extended. I stood up and shook her hand and offered her a seat, “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Umm… me too.” I mumbled.


“What’s the matter?”

I looked at her up and down. Sitting in front of me was a woman who was about 5’3” but she weighed about 200lbs with most of her weight in her breast.

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