Online Dating: Honesty is KEY


Read one woman's story of intentions gone awry in online dating.

I’m on a dating hiatus. That’s what it’s called right? When one can’t be bothered to respond to yet one more guy who claims to be looking for a relationship, until he gets your first email and then all bets are off and then makes it really clear he just wants to get into your pants? I prefer hiatus. It’s shorter.

I don’t often go online to send out emails unless someone really catches my eye. Someone who has clearly put some time and effort into his profile and really wants to meet someone to share his life with.

The other day I did that.

I logged on and sent out a few emails to a few new guys who looked really great on my screen. Great photos, sexy foreheads (yes, it’s a thing), lots of great stuff in their profiles. I emailed them and I heard back from one about an hour later. He was my first choice so it was exciting that he’d emailed me back. We chatted off and on, all afternoon. He’s a chef, moved here about 2 years ago. He was wanting to meet new people, open to dating or a relationship. He said he would love to meet someone great as he’s had his fair share of “crazies”. We have a lot in common, we have great banter, and it’s fun. A great distraction. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking.

I come home from my workout and he’s emailed me again. We’re coming into a long weekend so I thought perhaps he’d want to make plans to get together. I replied to his email and said I’d chat with him later as I needed to have a shower and make dinner, having just returned from the gym. I immediately got a response and in it he said simply “Want some company…?” I assumed he meant for dinner. So I asked “for dinner?” He said “No. For your shower?”



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