Navigating the Holidays As A Couple

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Navigating the holidays as a couple can make an already stressful time of year even more challenging for a relationship. This may be because it is often the first time family meets your sweetie; is everyone going to get along? But before you even reach that point, you have to make that big decision: Where will we be spending the holidays…

Yours, Mine, or Ours

If you are close with your kin and you have established your own cherished traditions, it makes sense that your own family would be the first come to mind for the holidays. This works great if there isn’t competitive interest. In one relationship, my boyfriend’s parents lived on the other side of the country, so he was excited to share the holidays with my family.

Reciprocation and Compromise in Relationships

However, I needed to do my part the following year by spending my first and only Christmas away from home with his family. I was happy to do so because it meant so much to my boyfriend. Plus, I thought it might be fun have the holiday I associate with wintry snow in the warm, dry desert.


We were living bi-coastally, so I wouldn’t be seeing my family for several months. My birthday is also in December, and when I went over to my parents’ I was stunned and overjoyed to see my biggest present—the face of my big brother, who I only saw around the Christmas holidays because he lives so far away. With my whole family there together, I got to experience Christmas with my family early. It made being away on the actual day a whole lot easier. Christmas in Vegas was pretty special too.

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