Moving In Too Soon?

Moving In Too Soon?

How do you know if your decision to move in together is a good decision?

You did everything to meet someone and found a person you really like and get along with.  You went out on many dates.  The relationship is new and you are really getting along and think this could be the one.  And then, he asks you to move in; but it’s only been 3 months.  What do you do?  You are really into the relationship and are flattered.  You don’t want to hurt his feelings and this could all be a good thing!  All of these thoughts race through your mind and before you know it, you open your mouth and say, “Yes”.  And before you know it you are sharing every moment and living space.

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Are You Moving In Too Soon?

Six months later, you are wondering if this was a good decision.  Perhaps you feel trapped and he does things to annoy you and it has you thinking that you might have jumped the gun a bit too soon.  You then question if you are only staying because you are feeling comfortable or maybe just because it is a help financially.  It is important to filter your voice and know how you are really feeling and what feelings are based on fear because maybe you are getting what you have prayed for all along and it scares you.  Know the difference.

Give The Relationship A Chance To Grow

A relationship takes time to grow.  It has to be nurtured with love, honesty, communication, romance, respect and trust but this takes time.

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