Mending A Broken Heart

Love, Heartbreak

Learning to trust again can be hard. Read our advice here.

Anyone who has had their heart broken (perhaps, more than once??) knows that what is damaged even more than your pride, what is lost even more than your dreams for the future, what is even harder to get over than the ache of loss, is your ability to trust someone again. If you’re anything like me, learning to trust again is scarier and more difficult than climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (not that I’ve ever tried that, mind you). Learning to trust again means allowing yourself to be vulnerable to heartbreak one more time, and that just seems irresponsible- I mean, aren’t we taught to learn our lessons the first time in order to avoid punishment?


However irresponsible it may seem, though, learning to trust again is necessary if you’d like to find a partner to share your life with.  Nothing can sabotage a budding relationship the way insecurity and jealousy can. So, if you hope to meet someone who is worthy of your love, learning to trust again is the only way to move forward.  So, how do you do it?

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This article was originally published at Singles Warehouse. Reprinted with permission from the author.