The Meek Shall Rise! (If That's Ok With You?)


This is the age of the geek

Is it just me, or has it become almost cool to be nerdy now? Or do you still friend zone them now (seriously go read this link!)

In a complete switch around from my day at school, it is now cool to wear glasses (in fact, the bigger the better), be a few decades behind in the fashion department, and be into obscure shows and music. Though people that exhibit those traits do not always have the highest of IQs.

Just like nerds trying to blend in with the jocks by wearing rugby tops and trying to hold a pint nonchalantly, they are wolfs in sheep's clothing.

It has become such an odd turn of events after being ostracised in secondary school for being what is 'cool' now, but TV shows have been popularising characters with more than two brain cells to rub together. Here's to name but a few:

Ross Geller - Perhaps the biggest nerd to have impacted us over the last two decades, the entire show of Friends chronicled this awkward but intelligent 'nice guy' finally getting the girl of his dreams. What guy wouldn't aspire to that?

Frasier Crane - It's so strange to think Frasier began as a spin-off of Cheers, and became even more successful! Frasier showed that you can have all the intelligence, exquisite taste and money you could want, but relationships are still difficult. The greatest laughs from this sitcom always came from Niles and his infatuation with his father's health care worker Daphne, whom he does of course get in the end. Takes a few series though.

Sheldon Cooper - I really can't understand why this show has become so popular. Jokes and plots based on the geekiest of material, yet everyone, including the jocks with their pints, love it. Perhaps it's because the references are all from our nostalgic past rather than being able to relate to the characters. Though thinking back, I know a few Sheldon's of my own...

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