Let's Talk About (Casual) Sex


Jocelyn Wentland, Sex Researcher & PhD student at the University of Ottawa, Canada talks casual sex.

Jocelyn Wentland is a Sex Researcher and PhD student at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Her research focuses on the ins and outs of casual sex, technology and the modern dating script as well as all aspects of sex education. She shares some of her findings with Singles Warehouse readers.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your research.

To date, my research has focused primarily on casual sex and highly sexual women. For my undergraduate thesis, I examined reasons why women engage in casual sex and have continued this line of research for my dissertation research. However, I’m now focusing on definitions of casual sex relationships (What is a Booty Call? Are Fuck Buddies the same as Friends with Benefits?). I’ve also done some work with a colleague on how technology is changing the modern dating script.

Why did you choose this field of study?

I have always been a curious kitten. During my undergrad, I took a sexuality course and was immediately turned on to this subject. It’s a fascinating topic to study and the more I learn, the more I realize I still have to learn.

What is casual sex?

The typical definition that I use in my research is “sexual activity that takes place outside the context of a committed relationship.” I don’t specify the activity because ‘sex’ means different things to different people. 

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