An Interview with Spencer Burnett, Sex and Seduction Guru

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He'll teach you how to attract a lady, woo her, then sweep her off her bed.

It was 8:15am on a recent Thursday morning, and the words “pussy” and “dick” had already been used more than a a half a dozen times…and my phone conversation was just getting started.

Good morning, indeed.

No, I hadn’t resorted to calling an illicit phone sex line. Instead, on the other end of the phone was Kevin, the man behind Spencer Burnett, Chicago’s very own dating, sex, and pickup guru. When I was asked to interview Kevin for Singles Warehouse, I was instantly intrigued…and also a bit skeptical. I’d seen the movie “Hitch.” I’d read “The Game.” I had even taken part in (and won!) a game or two of verbal ping-pong and sexual innuendos with a pickup artist or two in my day, too. Still, nothing could have prepared me for talking to Kevin.

Unlike your regular, run-of-the-mill pickup artist or playboy, Spencer Burnett goes well beyond simply scoring a number or getting laid. Instead, he focuses on sexual technique, seduction skills, and personal development. As he explains it, “I was (once) a playboy, but I wasn’t a man. I cared more about doing what playboys do than actually being a man – it’s a reckless way to live. The good news is that you can have it all.”

At any given time, Spencer Burnett is working with ten to twelve clients for three months at a time, and 20% to 30% of his clientele is female. As the “head coach,” Kevin also employs a team to help run the company. This includes someone in charge of social media, a videographer/ photographer, and a product manager. Together, they keep Spencer Burnett running at lightening speed, allowing Kevin to network out and about in Chicago four to five nights a week. All of his clients have 24/7 access to Kevin, and that includes visibility to his social calendar. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

However, for as much as I was fascinated by the actual business, I was even more genuinely intrigued by the man behind Spencer Burnett. Where did Spencer Burnett end and Kevin begin? And vice versa? Can a man in this line of work maintain a real relationship? How does his mother feel about all of this “dick” and “pussy” talk? My questions were endless….

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