Insecurities: How you may be blocking your chance at love

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Will you let your relationship insecurities block your chance at love?

We all have insecurities to some degree. We have days where we wake up ready to conquer the world. Sometimes we have bad days where we suffer from lingering feelings of self-doubt. It’s a part of life. As human beings, it’s natural for us to feel emotion and sometimes those emotions get the best of us, especially in areas of love and relationships. So when does relationship insecurity start to block your chances at love?

Relationship Insecurity and New Love

This week a reader writes:

“I broke up with my ex about a year ago and for awhile, it was pretty hard for me to move on. It wasn’t the best relationship but it was still pretty hard for me to get to a point where I wanted to date.

About 4 months ago, I met this new guy and we have been dating exclusively for almost a month. He’s a sweet guy, but I catch myself being angry with him for things that my ex did.

I know that on some level, I am sabotaging my relationship with him for fear of being hurt and I want to get rid of this insecurity before I mess things up. What should I do?”

When your bad days start to outnumber the good and your insecurities start interfering with your ability to foster relationships, it’s time for some serious self reflection.

Insecurities are fear based beliefs that are birthed from bad experiences. These experiences have been flagged in our memories and provoke unhealthy emotional responses against ourselves and others. If left unchecked, it can take over  your life and prevent you from getting the things you truly want and need to be happy.

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