How To Respectfully Decline A Date

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4 rejection excuses that won't crush a date's feelings.

It’s one thing to turn someone down for a date for logistical reasons, but what do you do if you are completely and totally not interested in a suitor on any level? This can be hard if you don’t want to look like the bad guy by rejecting someone right off the bat, but let’s be real. There are going to be times when you just aren’t going to be interested in certain singles who ask you out. For those times, here are some tips to respectfully decline an invitation for a date without totally devastating your suitor. Do You Snoop On His Smartphone?

Rejection Excuse #1. You’re schedule is super busy.

This excuse is the most realistic and relatable because everybody has a million different work, social, and family obligations to attend to. Tell your suitor that you don’t have time to date right now because your schedule is booked solid for the next month or so. Just keep using that excuse until they stop trying, which will happen over time. They’ll get the idea.

Rejection Excuse #2. You’re taken.

This one is used often because when most people learn that someone is taken, they consider that person ‘off limits.’ I’m personally not a fan of this one, partly because a lot of us have not mastered the art of the ‘poker face’, which means your suitor will see through your fib, making the rejection even more awkward. If you do decide to use the ‘I have a boyfriend/girlfriend excuse’, just make sure you do it convincingly.

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