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How to Play Hard to Get With a Guy you've Already Slept With

How to Play Hard to Get With a Guy you've Already Slept With

We've all been there. There’s a guy you really like, you end up at the same venue one night, one tequila slammer leads to another and next thing you know, your carefully planned outfit is strewn across the floor of the public bathroom (or something slightly more classy). Question is, now that you’ve slept together, can you still make him want you? If you really like this guy, and want to keep his attention, despite having already done the deed, there are a few key things you can do, and this is exactly how to play hard to get with a guy you’ve already slept with!

In this situation, there unfortunately lies the question: was the sex good? If it wasn’t, you’re going to have a harder time winning him over, or hope he was equally as ‘slammed’ as you were and has little memory of the debacle.

The most important thing is to be inaccessible. Do your utmost not to contact him afterwards. However, don’t leave it so long that he thinks he’s got away with a one night stand! If the ‘3 day rule’ has passed and you’ve still heard nothing, then text him as nonchalantly as you can about something completely unrelated, just to remind him you’re still there. If the sex was good, you can even cheekily hint at what happened, giving him a little reminder.

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