How To Handle Being Nervous Around Women

Make your nerves around the opposite sex work in your favor with these easy steps!

Being nervous around women (known as approach anxiety) happens to many men because they fear rejection – or worse, embarrassment or humiliation.

But here’s the thing: being nervous around women, he’s actually more likely to get rejected.

Overall, that’s not very useful, is it?


Let me ask you something: where did you get the idea that being nervous around women is a sign to stop, or proof that you’re going to fail?

Have you ever considered that you could feel nervous and still approach and attract women – and the fact that YOU feel nervous has nothing to do with what SHE is thinking?

It's possible that she likes you!

Maybe you’re just not seeing it, because your being nervous is getting in the way of you catching her vibe and sensing where she’s at with you in this moment. 

Just because you’re feeling nervous doesn’t mean that woman doesn’t like you. In fact, it doesn’t give you any information at all about whether that person likes you or not.

All it tells you is you’re feeling nervous.

How do you make feeling nervous work in your favor?

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