How To Get Hit On

Sadly, just being out and about is not enough to get hit on these days. You have to make a concerted effort. While it would be nice to just hit your local pub and watch the men fight to get to you, those chances are slim. At least if you’re me any way. If that happens to you, you should probably just stop reading now. 

I NEVER Get Hit On

That was me, 6 months ago. I never, ever got hit on. I just didn’t. I’m by no means ugly or unavailable, but I just never got hit on. Once I started writing this dating blog, I had to do something differently in order to keep things interesting.

I started paying attention to how I reacted to men when they talked to me. And there is no other way to put this than, I was downright mean. I used to hate being hit on. I think pick-up lines are stupid. Whether it was a “classic” or something cheesy a guy came up with, I didn’t respond positively. When a guy asked me if his friend was telling me about the “puppies he saved,” I believe I responded with, “no, no he isn’t. And it’s a good damn thing because.. blah blah.”

Now that guy was just trying to be nice and strike up a conversation with me, but I squashed him like a bug!  I mean, let’s face the facts, bro. That shit was lame. However, you only get better at dating and meeting people by dating and meeting more people.

Practice Makes Perfect

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