My Boyfriend's Ex Won't Leave Him Alone

My Boyfriend's Ex Won't Leave Him Alone
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My partner's ex-girlfriend is STILL not over him after two years.

From the beginning, my boyfriend and I have been very open and honest with one other about our past relationships. He knows about many of the issues that led to the breakups with my biggest exes, and I know his perspective on what some of the biggest factors were that ended his last four-year relationship. He knew that I casually kept in touch with a couple of my exes, considering a couple actual friends, and I found out that occasionally he and his ex had text exchanges. It became apparent that she hadn’t moved on from him, even though it has now been almost two years since they officially broke up. However, it never really concerned me because she’s never been present in my actual life…but that’s about to change. So now I’m left wondering how to deal with my partner’s ex who is still hanging on.

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How To Deal With Your Partner’s Ex: Meet Her at a Funeral?

The circumstances surrounding where we are likely to meet are already less than ideal. The funeral of my boyfriend’s grandfather is around the corner, and the ex found out about the death on Facebook. After four years together, she is still "friends" with several dozen of the Warrior Poet’s family members and friends. She texted him her condolences and then asked if she could go to the funeral. Keep reading...

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