How Can I Find a Good Man?


Are there no good men out there or is your criteria flawed?

Listening to my 65-year-old, single mother talk about finding love, and sharing the first dance at her wedding, warms my heart and breaks it at the same time.  It makes me realize that everyone, no matter what age, deeply longs for a fairytale romance.  Every month, over a million people search Google for the words:  How can I find a good man?

Has John Mayer finally become a Gentleman?

So where are all these Rhett Butlers and Mr. Darcys to save the heaps of lonely, female hearts that wander the Earth?  They are out there, I promise!  Here are a few things you can do to land yourself a great guy, fast!

How Can I Find A Good Man?  Have Faith In Love

Most of us are easily defeated.  Success is a discipline.  It’s a numbers game.  My grandfather sold insurance and by the phone on his desk he had a cartoon picture of a beat-up and bloody tomcat howling on a fence post.  The caption read, “The calls bring the results.”  Catcalls invite catfights but they also reel in the female pusses!

You have to get bloody and beat-up a little on the dating scene in order to find Him, and only with FAITH comes perseverance.  So find a way to trust in love, even before asking:  How can I find a good man?

How Can I Find A Good Man?  Redefine Your Definition Of ‘Good’

A smart woman knows that when she asks, How can I find a good man, she actually means, How can I find a good relationship.  She knows that ‘good’ means decent more than desirable.

We all know that lust will bite you in the butt, yet so many of us can’t help but lust after the same type of emotionally unavailable man over and over again, replaying the same toxic relationship patterns

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