How To Break It Off Nicely


Let’s face it, there’s no good way of breaking it off with someone, but you can do your part to lessen the impact of the breakup. In dating scenarios that have lasted only a few months, you won’t need to go through a long, drawn out breakup process like you might in a long-term relationship, but you still should handle your love-interest with care. Here are some do’s and don’ts for breaking up nicely with a love-interest in the early months of dating.

DO Show Compassion

Don’t be a jerk. Your love-interest may have been really into you and may have been expecting to date you for a long time. Put yourself in his or her shoes and break it to them gently. The ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ excuse can work brilliantly here if it’s sincere.

DON'T Break Up Via Text, Email, Or Social Media

How impersonal can you get?! It would almost be better to just ignore your love-interest altogether than end things electronically. A text or email breakup is basically saying that you don’t have any respect for him or her. It also shows that you are a taking the easy way out of your new relationship. Don’t be a wuss!

DO Be Honest

Maybe you’re not ready for a serious relationship, or maybe you’d just rather be friends. Most people will understand reasons like these for ending a budding relationship. He or she will still be upset, but at least they’ll have an idea as to why you’re ending things. Knowledge can sometimes soften the blow.

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