How to Avoid Stupid Dating Fashion Disasters

Dress your mind first—then your body.

You've probably watched that scene too many times in today's romantic comedies—the one where the woman tries on most of the outfits in her closet to decide which one to where on her big, important date. 

She yanks out dresses cut down to here and up to there—or, as my grandmother used to say, "Dresses that show your business." Sometimes, the woman recruits the help of her sensible sidekick to shock her into being smart.

Steps To Dressing Your Mind To Avoid Dating Fashion Disasters

  1. Learn about your hopes before the date.

Become aware of what fantasies you bring to this date. Write your answers to these questions:

  • What do I hope this man will feel about me during the date?
  • How do I fantasize the date will end?

Learning about your thoughts ahead of time prevents you from doing things you might regret later such as having sex too soon with a man you hardly know. Turn on your warning lights if your answers were similar to "I want this man to fall head over heels for me" or "I don't want this date to end at all. He'll be so swept away by me that it will feel natural to have sex and just become an instant couple."

These ideas make you vulnerable to choosing an outfit that is too tight and too revealing.

  1. Check your excitement level.

If you feel in a fashion-frenzy, you are probably putting too many of your life and love eggs into this man's basket. Your warning lights should be blinking. Write your answers to these questions:

  • What's wrong with me and my life that I want to be "swept away?"
  • Why am I allowing this man to be overly important to me?

Turn on your warning lights if your answers were similar to: "I'm getting older, I've made lots of bad love choices, and chances like this don't come along often" or "I'm not the prettiest, smartest, richest or most famous kid on the block, so this man could make me feel loved."

These ideas scream desperation, gold-digger and high maintenance. Don't wear revealing clothes or to-die-for jewelry, handbag and shoes—even if you are going to a formal event. Simple and classic always shine.

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