How To Avoid "The Friend Zone"


"The Friend Zone" is dreaded territory. Here's how to avoid it.

You wanted to take things slow and keep things casual with your new love-interest, but now things are so casual that you fear that you’ve missed your chance to add romance into the mix. It’s so easy to accidentally end up in the friend zone instead of getting romantic with someone new.but there are 2 big things you can do to help avoid just being friends.

Two BIG Ways To Avoid The Friend Zone

  1. Make it clear, or at least drop hints to your love-interest that you are interested in dating them romantically.

We’re not talking about prematurely professing your love for your crush or spending large sums of money to woo your crush, but it’s important to be clear about not wanting to keep things platonic and friendly. If you don’t make it clear sooner rather than later that you’re interested in being more than just friends, someone else could beat you to it. If at some point you don’t make your intentions clear, your love-interest will start to see you as just a buddy and you’ll unintentionally end up in the friend zone.

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