Hot Dates in Great Britain

Are you an international dater? Here's a list of the best dates in the UK.

Do you date on the international level? Have you been on a date in a faraway land with a exotic gentleman. Have you been searching for your Hugh Grant and hoped that you’d be treated to some amazing dates? If you’ve been that lucky then you’ll know that Great Britain is one of the best dating places in the world. Check out some of our top Places to Date in the UK.


Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa

So you’ve travelled far and need a bit of pampering. You deserve it right. Well enter Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa. Possibly the finest example of a great British hotel. You’ll be treated from the moment you arrive to the very best first class service. Everything about this place screams romance, from the amazing food, decadent hallways, outside Jacuzzis to the piano playing away in the background.



Everyone loves a little bit of an adventurous date right? Why not go on a little sightseeing tour with a difference. Smallcarbigcity is all about personal service. You’ll be chauffeured around the very best London has to offer you in a vintage mini cooper! How fun does that sound. They’ll even provide blankets for the two of you to snuggle up in the back of the car if it’s cold.


London Eye

Everyone loves a trip on the London Eye and with the option of hiring out a private capsule and having a drink or two on your flight this is a great date option. Taking in the sights in either the glory of London during the day or once the city has started to darken this date is absolutely going to leave you both hungry for more.


Spinnaker Tower

Why not step outside of London for a little while and head to the coast. There is one attraction that we know for sure makes a great dating venue. The Spinnaker Tower is Portsmouth’s answer to the London Eye and in our opinion a much nicer sight because you can overlook the sea. Towering above anything else of the coast the three viewing decks will give you plenty of reasons to snuggle up and enjoy.


Finding the right place to date in the UK is important. After all if you have travelled for love you want to make every date as special as it can be.