Is Hollywood Altering Our Idea of Healthy Love?

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Music lyrics continue to create unrealistic and unhealthy perceptions of love. We go to the source.

Dearest Ne-Yo,

I used to like you.

“Miss Independent” was once my personal anthem, and I sang it loud and proud, feeling each word with every fiber of my being. “Cause she walk like a boss/Talk like a boss/Manicured nails to set the pedicure off/She’s fly effortlessly….” You CLEARLY knew what you were talking about.

I even followed along with you as you crooned “One In A Million.” Lines like, “Sure enough your glow/It makes your soul stand out from all the rest” and “There’s a million girls around/But I don’t see no one but you” had me convinced that you knew how to properly woo a woman.

Some of your musical collaborations remain on my list of favorites, and I deeply respected your expertise (and confident swagger) when you were an advisor for team Cee-Lo on season two of “The Voice.” You seemed like a sincere gentleman who knew a thing or two about love, sex, and relationships.

THAT Ne-Yo worked for me. I was into it.

However, while driving home from work today, I heard lyrics that I literally found so grossly misleading and unrealistic that I literally turned up the music to make sure I was hearing it correctly.

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