Have you given up on dating?


Should you give up completely or maybe try something new?

Most of us have given up on dating at some point or another. Maybe you went through one too many bad break-ups or had one too many awful dates. Whatever the case, you’ve felt a sense of hopelessness. It hasn’t worked out so far, so why should things change? Maybe you’ve even heard that voice that whispers in your ear, “you’ll never find what you’re looking for so just stop trying.” That voice that claims, “all the good ones are taken.” The thing is, you need to stop listening to that voice because it’s bullshit.

If you’ve given up on dating, you stop your journey before you’ve even truly started.

(Keep in mind: half of the U.S. adult population is single – there’s plenty of choice.) The thing is, dating is hard. But the more important thing is: if you show up and do the work that’s required of you, if you learn from what you experience, you’ll find the relationship you want.

Do the Kardashians make you want to give up on dating?

I was inspired by a post written by one of my favorite soul-seekers Jeffrey Platts. He likened the process of dating to trying to get from his house in Washington D.C. to a safari in Nairobi. You can’t just expect a jet to pick you up at your doorstep and fly you directly to your little safari hut. You have to research. You have to figure out how to get there, because there aren’t any direct flights. Then, after flying for several hours to different cities to make connections and getting no sleep, you have to drag your tired ass to the bus stop and endure a three-hour uncomfortable, sweaty bus ride to the safari hut.

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