"Hanging Out" vs An Official Date


Asking someone to "hang out" is a cop out. Here's why.

When was the last time you were asked out on an official date? When was the last time you asked someone out on an official date?

"Hanging out" has become the easy alternative to going on a date. Why? Because it's so easy to tell someone, "hey, we should hang out sometime" and not officially get rejected. Since an offer to ‘hang out’ is not an official date night invitation, it is easier to feel like you’ve avoided an official rejection if your date is not interested or not available. Anyone can say yes to an oh-so-casual hang session, but doesn’t it make it that much sweeter when your crush actually says ‘Yes’ to an official date for dinner and/or drinks? If you’re really into your crush, here are 2 very important reasons why you should avoid ‘hanging out’ and opt instead for the official date night ask-out…

1. It eliminates the "is this a date?" question

So often we go out with someone and we aren’t sure if we are actually on a date or if it’s just a friendly hang session because it wasn’t clear from the beginning if the two of you were getting together as friends or love-interests. Confusion happens as soon as we extend an unclear invitation to spend time together. We assume that the object of our affection knows that we are interested in being more than friends….but based on what?

2. It seperates you from the other suitors

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