Get Your Sexy Back With A Bit Of Self Confidence


Confidence is Sexy - here are some tips to help you get your sexy back!

Feeling sexy is a state of mind. Whatever relationship status you currently hold there is nearly always a point where above all else you want to feel desired, whether by yourself or by the object of your attraction. Unfortunately, a recent survey of 1,000 UK women has revealed that 1 in 5 ladies questioned never feel sexy and do you know why?  Because they admit that they’re lacking self-confidence.

Can we Expect Marriage for two of the most confident people we know, Brad and Angelina?

I’m a HUGE advocate that in order to be sexy you have to believe that you are sexy. It’s interesting that this survey, carried out by, has come around when it has. Recently speaking to a sex positive friend we were debating the pressures on women to spend money in order to make themselves feel attractive. I was sitting firmly on the side of the fence that says “pfft” to that notion and that feeling sexy is all in the mind. Although a £50 set of luxury lingerie may give you a momentary confidence boost, material goods are not what make you sexy; it merely acts as a trigger to release the confidence that’s there all of the time. That is what women need to bottle, but we’ll come back to lingerie shortly.

When I saw the stats that 62 percent of single ladies and a further 55 percent of women in relationships say that they never feel sexy because they lack self-confidence, I realised that we may have one hell of a problem here!

Clearly there have been wires crossed somewhere. Coming from a SATC generation and with shows like Absolutely Fabulous, Ally McBeal and Secret Diary of A Call Girl the female characters oozed self-confidence in sexual and professional environments.

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