Friends with Benefits


Can friends with benefits turn into a relationship?

Some people's intuition is better than others. But, when you are dealing with love and relationships it is always best to go with your gut instincts. I know many women and men who's intuition told them who they were with was wrong for them, and then they look back and wish they hadn't wasted their time on that relationship.

Hmmm... was Michael Douglas talking about a friend with benefits?

My intuition has been pretty spot on. Sometimes, I have listened to it, and other times I have pushed it back for a while, but what I thought in the first few weeks or even the first day always turns out to be correct. I have friends right now who are all in different places in their lives with relationships. I am pretty content with where I am with my guy. But some of my friends bide their time with someone (or should I say anyone) because they don't have time for much more than a friends with benefits situation.

How To Handle Being Friends With Benefits!

Everyone goes through this situation in their lives. Whether early on or constantly throughout their lives, depending on what is going on with their life. I have done the friends with benefits thing, and it worked for the most part, because I had no time except for the occasional get together. I did not ever think that I could turn that benefit situation into a relationship. That has become the difference between me and my friends.

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