Five Tips for Making Long-Distance Love Work

Distance CAN make your heart grow fonder?. Here's how.

How long can long distance last?

Probably, most of us have been involved in a long-distance relationship at some point in our lives. Whether your boyfriend moved far away to take a better job or you met the perfect girl online (perfect except she lives in Boise!), you decided you’d give it a try. It’ll be hard, you told yourself, but I can do it.

Yeah? How’d that work out for you?

It probably sucked. You were probably miserable, and so was your partner. You kept at it because it’s hard to give up on something … but eventually, you succumbed to the inevitable breakup. I don’t blame you. Long distance is never fun, and it rarely works out. But if you do find yourself in that situation, here are some tips I’ve picked up through my personal experience.

1. Have a Plan

You and your partner hate being separated – so the first thing you have to do is to make a plan about when and how you’ll be physically in the same place. Schedule visits and count down to them together. And start putting plans in place for moving to the same city. Long distance should be temporary. If you aren’t comfortable taking those steps, then long distance isn’t going to work for you – and you shouldn’t be doing it.

2. Stay in Touch

It’s a no-brainer that you and your partner should communicate daily while you’re apart. But you can – and should! – use all the different methods of communication available to you in our overly technological world. Use text, phone, Skype, Facebook, even postal mail! My long distance love and I send each other messages through the dating site we both use, still. 

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