Five Things Women Wished Men Didn't Do While Dating


Men, there are certain things you do that we women really wish you wouldn’t do while dating. You know, those bad habits.  Want to know what they are? Well, I’ve got the list of the most talked about ones.

The Five Things Women Wish Men Wouldn't Do While Dating

1. Not wanting to spend much time with us because you would rather be with your friends. Now, I understand that sometimes we all need a break and to get that break our friends are the first place we go too. But if you are with them more than your woman she probably will feel resentment towards you and neglected.


2. Getting too comfortable and not looking anything like you did when we first started dating you. I understand that comfort is good, but if you gain weight and don’t get dressed up to go out with your lady, this will irritate them and make them question if they really want to be with you. Of course this goes both ways for women and men.

3. Not being romantic enough. Every woman loves surprises so you need to keep that up regardless how long you have been with her. Flowers or even a card or even you cooking dinner for her can do wonders to make them feel appreciated! Even a massage when she has had a long day would help her out!

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