Fishing Without A Net

In the dating game there are, we are constantly told, plenty more fish in the sea. This is incontrovertibly true; you only need to look online to see that it has fast become the biggest singles market in history.

So why doesn't every single guy or girl hoping to find their soul mate go online and get looking? If you want to find that fish, there is one very obvious net you need to use.

Despite the fact that you can use the internet to shop for every possible commodity, download music and films, do your banking, find a new job and read the news, some people are still surprisingly reticent to entertain the idea of internet dating. What was the World Wide Web invented for if not for the purpose of communicating with other people?

Often the justification for not dating online is that it seems desperate in some way, but given its huge popularity, this doesn't really seem to add up as an argument.

Internet dating came about because most other forms of meeting people are fraught with difficulties; the internet never creates something online that can be done easier offline.

Talking to a stranger in a club or bar with banging music and noisy drinkers is probably the most difficult of all known seduction techniques and the quality of partner attracted varies wildly.

Meeting someone through work still accounts for a large number of new romances, but you'd better be certain it works out, or someone inevitably will have to find a new job.

Meeting people through friends, again, can be effective, but you'd better hope it works out, or it could have a real effect on your friendships.

In all these scenarios, you are dependent on other people, reliant on chance, goodwill or happenstance to see you right. If you want to take charge of your own life and make your dating a success, you need to do some active fishing for yourself.

When people who haven’t tried internet dating attempt to put you off giving it a try, here are some questions you should consider. Does the person in question have a successful relationship or are they are confident and happy dater? If they are and they know the secret, by all means listen to what they have to say.

Normally, however, people who attempt to be negative about dating or any other aspect of life have something missing in their own world (otherwise they’d get on with having a good time and wish you the best).

In life we should endeavor only take advice about what to do from successful people, and dating is no different from this at all. Few successful daters I have ever met have managed to meet compatible, attractive people without using the internet; it’s the most important tool for a successful love life ever invented a truly revolutionary medium. If you want to make your dating destiny your own, forget the naysayers and make your own luck.

Online dating is the best way to do this and discover that there are plenty fish in the sea.