First Kiss Tips

Scared to move in for that first kiss?

You’re wrapping up your first date with a new love-interest and good news…. the date couldn’t have gone any better! Conversation was flowing, the chemistry between the two of you was amazing, and you were already planning your second date halfway into the first. There’s just one major thing standing in the way of date #2….the first goodnight kiss. This moment can cause a ton of anxiety and can potentially be the difference between a good date and a great date. To get through the first date kiss successfully, remember these first kiss tips:

Has John Mayer finally learned to be a gentleman?

1. Ask your date for a kiss or tell your date that you’d like to kiss them (optional). This can be super awkward, but it’s a sure fire way to get the ‘go-ahead’ from your love-interest without risking them turning their head or backing away from your kiss if they aren’t interested.

2. Gently touch your date’s arm, hand, face, or neck before going in for the kiss. This gentle touch sends a signal to your love-interest that you are prepping to go in for a smooch; think of it as a non-verbal ‘heads-up’. This gentle touch can also make both you and your love-interest feel more relaxed in the moment by making your love-interest feel safe.

3. Start out slow and soft and see how your love-interest reacts…don’t be overly aggressive. If you go in for the kiss and your love-interest leans towards you, kisses you back or touches your arm, neck, face, etc while kissing you, you could slowly take things up a notch. Only go a step further if your love-interest is an active and willing participant.

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