3 First Date No No's


A lot of people feel the first date is the hardest part of dating. It usually is because you are basically auditioning yourself to someone you barely know and hope they like you enough to go on to a second date. First dates can be stressful and taxing for anyone. You have to sit there with someone new and think about what to talk about and what not to talk about. Here I will break it down on what not to say.

What NOT To Do On A First Date

1. Don’t break out your cell phone during the date, this shows boredom and that you aren’t interested in knowing the person sitting opposite of you. It also makes your date very uncomfortable and he/she may clam up and be awkward towards you.

2. Do not under any circumstances go home with your date and sleep with them. This will show your date that you are only looking for a physical relationship and aren’t interested in dating them or anyone for that matter.

3. Do not drink excessively. This should be another no-brainer, but unfortunately we are more relaxed when we drink a bit, but keep it to a minimum so they don’t think you are a party animal every time you go out.

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