Finding your Guardian Soulmate and Keeping Them


Let’s face it, all singletons are on a search to find their guardian soulmate and hang on to them. It’s part of the human condition, to seek out companionship and be happy. Hopefully your search will lead you to both enjoy a great life, but it’s important to remember that the journey to find someone special can be fun also.
So what important questions should you be considering when searching for a lifetime partner? We’ve taken this opportunity to look at some of the top things that comes to find.

Keep it Fun and stay Stress Free

Stress can be a major factor during relationships. Remember that stress isn’t always your fault and it’s very hard to control. Equally you should try your best to not take it out on one another. There is a saying “Hurt your nearest and dearest” and I think it happens when you are stressed. So when looking for your guardian soulmate make sure you are finding someone fun to be with, someone who compliments you in the right ways

Be Healthy

Keeping fit together is a great way to stay together. Sounds silly, but getting out together for a gentle jog or walk is quality time, and you’ll be keeping yourselves in shape for each other.

Take an Interest

You won’t both like exactly the same things and that’s ok but making sure you take an interest in what each other is doing is vital to a successful relationship. Ask if the other person has had a nice day, what they might like to do this weekend. If you feel they might have missed out on something recently perhaps suggest catching up on that event?

It’s all about the sex

Have you ever seen those dog training shows on TV where a presenter explains that a dog’s behaviour all comes down to sex? Well it’s true. You can laugh, but humans are just animals. We have an instinct within us that lets us know if we’re sexually attracted to someone. Now sex is not the be all and end all of a relationship but it really does matter. Make sure you are attracted to one another, and if the spark starts to fade, throw some extra wood into the fire. Spice things up a little.

So there you have it, some key points to finding and keeping your guardian soulmate in your life. Staying focused, happy and together is one of the best things in the world when you get it right. Make sure you are enjoying each other’s company as much as you can and don’t be scared to do things separately.