Finding True Love On Facebook

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Can you find true love using Facebook? Does social networking help dating along?

You might not think that a social network like Facebook is ideal for meeting singles like yourself who are searching for their soul mates, but that is exactly what is happening around the world. But you can't just search for someone and send them a friend request—that's the equivalent of walking up to a girl on the street and asking her to marry you. At best, you'll be ignored; at worst, you'll be reported/slapped/kicked where it hurts/punched in the face. There is, however, a "window of opportunity" when it comes to finding true love on Facebook—and that's called "mutual friend".

Finding True Love Through A Mutual Friend?

It's like getting an introduction to a girl through someone both of you know. This is the best way to meet a woman and have any chance at a relationship. Send her a friend request, and she will likely accept unless she doesn't like your mutual friend that much to begin with!

Next, wait for her to accept so you can check out her profile—she's probably checked yours out already, and that's why she's agreed to connect with you. At this point, you don't want to advertise the fact that you're out finding a soul mate. Just take it cool and go with the profile for now. Find out about her background, her faith, her favorite foods, etc., and see if they match yours. If you feel that there's a possible fit between the two of you, then take it to the next step.

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