Find me a Girlfriend: Tips on how to pick up women


What strategies should you employ to find a girlfriend?

If you’re thinking “I gotta find me a girlfriend and I gotta do it in two days”, then you’re probably reading the wrong sort of article. This piece will help you with the ladies, but not for a one-night-stand that will leave her feeling rotten in the morning. This is about finding a soul mate and how you go about doing it. That being said, let’s get into the details.

What do you think Leonardo Di Caprio wants in a girlfriend?

Find Me a Girlfriend or Let the Girlfriend Find Me?

This is an issue most men get caught up with. The ones with trouble in this area are usually the ones who don’t yet believe that there is ONE woman out there for them. They don’t have confidence that the universe can “conspire” to get them what they most want and need. There’s no trick involved; if any, it’s the trick that you play on your conscious mind – by affirming your belief that there’s a special person out there just for you.

Seek, but Ye Won’t Find

Constantly looking for the right woman means you’re focusing on what you don’t have at the moment. Rather, finding a soul mate is a question of knowing that there’s one out there for you, and knowing that she’s on her way to meet you RIGHT NOW. The great paradox about relationships is that what you chase after will become more and more elusive to you and evade your every attempt. Just let it happen, and enjoy the ride.

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